About Us

About us

About Us

Springo is developed by SPRING VENTURES Ltd. (TASE: SPRG), a global Internet company that develops innovative Web navigation solutions.

SPRING VENTURES’s vision is to simplify Web navigation, enabling users to reach their desired destinations quickly, easily and efficiently.

The Springo Solution Springo is an Internet navigation and discovery service that allows users to easily reach the most relevant Websites for their desired needs.

The vast number of Websites on the Internet makes it challenging to find the best sites for your specific purpose. Most users either stick with familiar sites or check out the top results from among the unmanageable number of search engine results. Using either approach, you may miss the websites that are most relevant - the sites that provide the precise information or services that you need.

To address this challenge, Springo provides an innovative suite of tools that enables you to easily discover the most relevant Websites to meet your needs.

Springo analyzes and ranks Websites according to their popularity with the Internet user community, providing a clean and simplified navigation experience unbiased by SEO enhancements.

Springo offers three convenient navigation functionalities:

1. The Springo visual navigation solution - allows users to easily discover the most useful web destinations using a simple process designed to guide users through the Internet as they assess Springo’s proposed destinations in a blink of an eye.

2. The Springo homepage -a useful gateway to browsing the web offering quick links to the most useful and popular sites, for various user profiles. Springo's homepage is most useful as a browser homepage.

3. The Springo Express -a browser add-on that enhances the browser with navigation functionalities, for example-

  • Springo Slider enhances traditional search engine results for queries recognized as possessing a navigation nature by accompanying these results with a visual display of proposed top Websites.
  • Direct navigation from the browser address bar, directing users to their desired Website by entering a name or a description rather than a URL, thus eliminating the cumbersome action of memorizing and entering Internet addresses.
  • Springo's toolbar recognizes the Website currently visited by the user, and suggests similar Websites that likely also address the user needs.