Frequently Asked Questions

Top User Questions

  1. 1. Why would I use Springo in addition to my traditional search engines?
    At Springo, we believe that users get the best results by using the best tools for each job. Just as you would not use a word-processing program to create a financial spreadsheet (although it could be done) you should not use a search engine designed to find information when you want a quick shortcut to the website you need.

    As an Internet navigation and discovery service Springo is specifically designed to get you to the websites you need as quickly and accurately as possible. We encourage you to continue using your favorite search engine when it’s appropriate. In fact, if you use Springo to search for anything other than a Website, we even rank the top search engines and start the search for you.
  2. 2. I am concerned about privacy. Does Springo track my Internet usage?
    Springo collects data from activity in the system on an aggregate basis that will not be traced back to a specific user. This information will not be shared and is protected securely. The aggregated information is used to improve the service. We are grateful to all Springo users for their contribution to making the service even better than it is today! For more details please refer to Springo Terms & Conditions.

How to Use Springo

  1. 1. How do I quickly find the Websites I need using Springo?
    Many of the most useful sites are right there on our homepage. For additional sites you can enter a site name or a navigation topic to the "find top sites" window, if you’ve already installed Springo Express, you can find sites directly from the browser address bar or via the toolbar window.
  2. 2. How can I refine the proposals I get from Springo?
    Each Springo results page allows you to effectively refine your results. Glance through the proposals featured on the "Narrow" tabs to see if any of them describes what you need more precisely. If your query is associated with Websites for local services, Springo will offer you the option of requesting results for a specific geographic location. If the results of your query are too specific, check out the topics under the "Expand" tab for alternative suggestions.
  3. 3. How can I enhance my Browser?
    Springo Express enhances the browser in several manners. It allows you to navigate directly to websites from the address bar. It reviews search queries you enter into search engines, and if it identifies, there are good navigation proposals they'll be displayed next to the search results. And it displays links to sites that are similar to the one you are currently visiting. If you don’t find what you need at your current site, you can easily navigate to similar sites.

About Springo Results?

  1. 1. How does Springo generate results?
    Springo focuses on the top sites, preferred by the greatest number of users and unbiased by SEO enhancements. As Springo is still in beta, our directories are not yet complete. Please Submit a Site if you would like it to be included in our directory. (Note: Not every site in our directory appears in Springo results since our results are based on actual user preferences).
  2. 2. Why does my query yield so few results?
    For some queries, only a few sites meet Springo’s criteria for top sites. If you would like to see more results, select from the "Expand" options to broaden your choices.
  3. 3. Why does Springo sometimes direct me to search engines?
    Springo is designed to find the top Websites that address your needs. Sometimes, those top sites will be search engines! Springo expedites the process for you by beginning the search as soon as you select one of the featured search engines.

Top Site Owners Questions

  1. 1. How can I add my site to Springo?
    You can make sure that your site is included in Springo's directory by entering it in the Submit a Site section of the Springo Website.
    Please note that Springo presents sites based on our 'top site' criteria, if a site doesn't meet this criteria it will not appear on the category.
  2. 2. How can I promote my site through Springo?
    Springo rankings are based only on our analysis of user preferences and cannot be influenced by any modifications to a Website or any SEO activity. However, we offer several attractive ways for site owners to effectively reach users in their target segments. Please see the Advertisers section of the Springo Website for more information.